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Four Leaf Clover Tourmaline Earrings


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Material: Alloy with platinum plating, Paraiba tourmaline gemstone, Zircon

Needle body material: Silver needle

Color: Cyan

Matching occasion: Daily wear

1. Avoid contact with acidic solutions, perfumes, cleaning agents, bleach, seawater, etc., which can cause corrosion.
2. When not worn, try to put it in a sealed bag to prevent oxidation and color fading.



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2 reviews for Four Leaf Clover Tourmaline Earrings

  1. Ishtarr

    Very beautifully constructed earring. This isn’t true paraiba, but the real thing is super expensive, so this is a great substitute. Very intense turquoise blue with a hint of green. Very happy with this purchase!

  2. Deborah

    These earrings are spectacular! I love Paraiba tourmaline!

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